Music & Dance (18 months-4 years)

These classes are designed for pre-schoolers with participation from parents or caregivers.  Children develop basic listening skills, coordination, and musicality while learning how to express themselves through singing, dancing, and listening games.

Pre-Primary & Primary Ballet (5-6 years)

For Pre-Primary and Primary levels, the Royal Academy of Dance curriculum is followed.  These classes are specifically designed to develop the motor skills for dancers ages 5 - 7 years, and to prepare them for the traditional class by instilling poise, etiquette, confidence and a love for the art of dance.  Emphasis on the lower levels concentrates on the pleasure of movement and musicality with the development of technique, artistry, and self-discipline evolving throughout the levels.

 Early Years Programs

Mom & Baby Fit (newborn-18 months)

This program is designed for new mothers who want to get back into fitness and dance while spending quality time with their new baby.  Mom and baby will participate in a short cardio dance session with mom wearing baby in a sling or carrier, and then on a mat for some stretching and strength exercises.