Miss Elissa has danced since fresh out of diapers, loving it right from her first class. She has studied several styles of dance including ballet, jazz, modern dance, lyrical, contemporary, break dance and several others, with her favourites being break dance, lyrical and contemporary. She has studied with several different teachers including Kim Lightheart from the National Ballet School of Canada, Liliane Graham, Lacey Smith, Katherine Clarke from the Royal Winnipeg Ballet school, and Julia Garlisi from David Earl's senior company. This large range of teaching styles within different areas of dance has helped her become the well rounded dancer she is today.

Miss Elissa's ballet background began with the Western Ontario Conservatory of Ballet before she moved schools and studied with the Royal Academy of Dance and received her intermediate and intermediate foundation certificates. While studying the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus, Miss Elissa attended classes taught in Cecchetti to expand her horizons. She has also studied with the Society of Russian Ballet receiving her Pre-Elementary certificate. On top of studying several types of ballet, Miss Elissa also studied several different styles of modern dance ranging anything from Martha Graham to lyrical.

Miss Elissa is thrilled to have the opportunity to share her knowledge and love for dance with the students at En Avant Dance!

Elissa Woo